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  • Restores and Rebuilds
  • Lengthens the life of Your Footwear
  • Adhesion and Shock Absorbtion
  • Dries to a solid rubber in as little as 2 hours
  • Repairs Separations and Tears
  • Reattaches Peeling Soles and Rands
  • Rebuilds Worn Toes, Soles and Heels
  • Great for In-Field repairs
  • Protect Your Footwear Investment
  • Flexible Repairs in 4 Easy Steps

Prep: Roughen damaged area with sandpaper or wire brush. Use cloth to clean area with Cotol-240 cure accelerator/pre-cleaner, paint thinner or lighter fluid. repeat cleaning for best adhesion.

Tape: For thick repairs at edge of sole or heel. place removable tape around edge to form a darn. Double thickness of tape works best.

Apply: Squeeze freesole onto area t be repaired, level with a stick, toothpick or knife. Keep repair facing up and level until freesole becomes solid. Remove tape.

Dry: Allow thin repairs to cure overnight; thick repairs, 24-48 hours. Longer times may be needed in dry climates or times of low humidity such as scold winter days.

For all types of footwear: walking shoes, golf shoes, cycling shoes, aqua shoes, aerobic shoes, skateboard shoes, rubber boots & more! Hundreds of household uses!

1.5oz. $7.95


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