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Ultmate Kit
The Leathercrafter's Ultimate Workshop #55512-01

The Leathercrafter's Ultimate Workshop #55512-01 $895.00

We have assembled our most popular tools and books for anyone wanting to set up their own small leathercrafting workshop. All the tools necessary to cut, skive, punch, sharpen, strip se eyelets, rivets and grommets, Also 25 Craftool stamps, a premium swivel knife and blade and 5 books of instructions, patterns, techniques, and how-to's. This is much more than a professional workshop, this is The Ultimate Workshop. Just add leather. A $1,025.00 retail value if all 98 items are purchased separately.

Kit Includes:
How to Carve Leather Book
Craftool Tech-Tips Book
Art of Hand Sewing Leather Book
Leathercraft Tools Book
Belts Galore Book
Tracing Film 1 yd. x 20"
Swivel Cutter
1/4" Swivel Blade
Little Wizard Border Tool
Plastic Tool Rack
Deluxe Stylus
Backgrounder Stamps A104, A104-2, A114
Beveler Stamps B198, B199, B205,B936
Camouflage Stamps C431, C433,
D436 Border Stamp
Figure Carving Stamp F916
Figure Carving Stamp F976
H904 Stop Stamp
J815 Flower Stamp
M885 Matting Stamp
Pear Shader Stamps P212, P217, P975
S706 Seeder Stamp
U710 Mulefoot Stamp
Veiner Stamps V406, V707, V708
X511 Basketweave Stamp
X513 Basketweave Stamp
Super Shears
Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter
Angled Utility Knife
Strap Cutter
6" Wing Divider
Steel Square 12" x 8"
Poly-Head Mallet
11 oz. Rawhide Mallet
Marble Slab 12" x 12" x 1-1/2"
Poly Cutting Board 12" x 12" x 1-1/2"
Poundo Board 12" x 12"
Strap End Punch 1-3/4"
Nine Drive Punches: 1/16"-3/8"
Professional Rotary Punch
Oblong Punches 1/2", 3/4", 1"
3/32" 1-Prong Lacing Chisel
3/32" 4-Prong Lacing Chisel
3/32" 4-Prong Angle Chisel
1/8" 1-Prong Lacing Chisel
1/8" 4-Prong Lacing Chisel
1/8" 4-Prong Angle Chisel
5/32" 1-Prong Chisel
5/32" 3-Prong Angle Chisel
4-in-1 Awl Haft and Blades
10" Tri-Hone Sharpening System
Stropping Rouge
Keen Edge Sharpener
Adjustable Stitching Groover
Adjustable "V" Gouge
French Edge Skiving Tool
Edge Bevelers #2, #3, #4
Circle Edge Slicker
Overstitch Wheels #5, #6, #7
2 lb. Mini Anvil
Rivet Setter
Snap-All Snap Setter Kit
Bar & Jiffy Snap Setter 3/16" Eyelet Setter
1/4" Eyelet Setter and Anvil
5/16" Grommet Setter and Anvil
Copper Rivet Setter
Glove Snap Setter


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