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About Fiebing's Dyes, Finishes & Cleaners

About Leather dyeing:

Preliminary cleaning: Leather, in order to accept any dye uniformly, must be thoroughly clean from grease (fingerprints), wax and other top finishes. We recommend Dye preparer or Deglazer.

Applying the dye:

Allow plenty of arm room so you can work reasonably fast. Use a woolskin dauber as your applicator. Apply the dye in broad strokes, covering as large an area as possible with each stroke to prevent streaking. Don't dab it on. If streaks remain, or if you have missed spots, repeat the above procedure over the complete area. Don't attempt to "touch up" spots. An over-all second coat of dye will usually result in deeper color tones. And it is worth repeating that streaks resulting from dirt or grease will not disappear with a second coat. When the dye has dried, excess surface dye should be removed by rubbing with a soft cloth or woolskin. This will also brighten the color. Black dyes may tend to rub off even after wiping until a finishing coat is applied. See "About Finishes" for further information regarding these products.

About Leather Finishes:

After leather has received its basic surface and edge color, there remains a choice of finishes for various effects. The result of your efforts to achieve the finish you desire are directly related to your patience and care. All finishes require strict attention to detail because they are usually very subtle when they're correct.

Wax Finishes:

Leather Balm with Atom Wax:, a liquid wax preparation wiped on with a cloth, allowed to set for 3 to 5 minutes, and then buffed lightly with a soft cloth, woolskin or brush. The result ... a rich, soft, velvety luster.

Leather Sheen: imparts a shine on smooth leather goods with a flexible wax finish with easy aerosol application.

Antique Finish: imparts a soft, rich, two-tone translucence that is almost dimensional in effect. Applied by wiping in circular motion removing excess immediately, clearing the raised portions and leaving the accumulation of paste in perforations and depressed areas. Antique Finish is not entirely waterproof and should be protected with an additional wax or resin coating such as Resolene.

Lacquer Finishes:

A good lacquer finish imparts a protective clear top coating that remains pliable enough to insure against cracking and should not discolor the underfinish or the leather itself.

Saddle Lac: A soft pliable lacquer conveniently applied by aerosol can. Saddle Lac is not intended as an element of design, tone, or color, but rather as an invisible preservative of the color, tone, or luster previously applied.

Neat Lac: A liquid form lacquer finish.

Resin Finishes:

For a leather piece that will not be subjected to excessive wear or handling, some resin-type finishes will be found more satisfactory than the leather lacquers. Easier to apply and easier to remove (in the event a change in color or finish is desired) they nevertheless act in most cases as satisfactory preservative. Unlike the lacquer finishes which do not alter the underlying color or finish, the resins will impart a characteristic soft, satiny appearance which many leather craftsmen consider rich and desirable.

Tan Kote: for a mellow , satin soft finish.

Bag Kote: for a high luster finish.

Acrylic Resolene: A flexible, durable water-repellant surface coating for dyed , antiqued or polished leathers.

About Fiebing's Dyes, Finishes & Cleaners

Dye Preparer: A cleaner that prepares leather for dyeing. For use on tannery leather that has not been previously dyed or finished. Removes dirt, grime, and light skin oils.
Deglazer: Use to prepare smooth leather for dyeing and refinishing. Strips and removes lacquer and other existing finishes. Will not impair leather softness or flexibility.

Finished leather cleaners:

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