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MacPherson Leather Equine Care front page
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Absorbine Nutritional Supplements

Absorbine Nutritional Supplements

Is your horse bellyaching? Studies show that nine out of ten performance horses suffer from gastric distress and ulcers - and these ailments affect performance. New AbsorbineÆ Pro CMCÆ quickly coats the lining of your horse's stomach and provides immediate relief.

Pro CMC is a calcium and magnesium supplement that is Equine PharmacistÆ formulated. Its buffered formula soothes and coats your horse's stomach lining to help reduce gastric distress.

Studies have shown that as many as 90% of all horses suffer from ulcers and that all horses suffer from them at some time in their life. A horse's stomach produces digestive acids 24 hours a day. Since horses are natural grazers, they would normally have food in their stomachs at all times. Many horses are put on regimented diets and fed larger meals a few times a day. In between meals, the acid sits in the empty, unprotected stomach and can rapidly cause damage to the stomach's lining.

Pro CMC is extremely palatable, with a delicious apple flavor. For adult horses, feed 1 to 2 ounces once or twice a day. For foals, feed 1 ounce twice daily or as recommended by a veterinarian. Pro CMC will not prevent or cure ulcers, but it will improve the quality of life of your horse. Peak performance begins with Pro CMC.

  • Buffered formula soothes and coats your horse's stomach lining
  • Source of Calcium & Magnesium
  • Equine Pharmacist formulated
  • Delicious apple flavor - very palatable

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